Client: Tolent Construction Ltd

Contract Value: £110k

Solmek were instructed by Tolent Construction Ltd to undertake a site investigation at Sabic, within the Wilton International site in Redcar, Cleveland. 

The proposed development comprises modifications to the drainage system at Sabic involving the construction of three large storage tanks to hold waste water and a 400m long gravity drain (approx. 1.00m diameter) extending from Olefins 6 to the tanks. An earth bund formed from site won materials may also be required around the tanks. 

A site investigation comprising geotechnical and contamination analysis was requested.

Solmek site & grounds investigation North East.

Fieldwork was agreed with Tolent Construction and Sabic as:

  • 32no. cable percussive boreholes drilled to depths of between 9.95mbgl and 23.20mbgl.
    • Boreholes drilled to determine shallow and deep ground conditions and obtain samples for geotechnical and contamination analysis.
  • 2no. cable percussive boreholes with rotary open hole drilling to depths of 21.00mbgl and 22.50mbgl
    • Boreholes drilled to determine ground conditions and assess depth of bedrock.
  • 12no. cable percussive boreholes with follow on rotary cored boreholes drilled to depths of between 22.50mbgl and 27.00mbgl.
    • Boreholes drilled to determine deeper ground conditions and establish bedrock depth using coring techniques.
  • Installation of 4no. ground gas and groundwater monitoring pipes in selected boreholes.
    • Installations placed to obtain groundwater samples and provide future monitoring data for the client.

Solmek undertook the large project which included drilling locations in agricultural field as well as on the Sabic, Wilton plant. A full Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan was written and provided by Sabic for use to enable the works to be undertaken safely on their live petro-chemical site.

The fieldworks were undertaken over a six week period using three cable percussive rigs with selected boreholes undergoing rotary follow on drilling.

The investigation was delivered on time and on budget with the results used to design the foundations of three very large water storage tanks. The geotechnical lab testing was all undertaken within Solmek’s in house laboratory with the derived soil parameters used to predict the settlements of the tanks.